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Mobile electronic process-controlled ionization device with 3-stage manual control.
The integrated processor monitors the ion production of the 60% negative and 40% positive ions.
The fan and ionization tube are controlled via 3 levels depending on the air quality.

2 years Warranty

  • Technical data
    Article number BP300.001
    Dimensions Housing H 555 mm W 325 mm D 260 mm
    Colour Powder coated in dark-grey
    Voltage 230 Volt 50 Hz
    Fusing T 400 mA 230 V (I.E.C Publ. 127)
    Energy consumption Max. 55 watts
    Ionisation tube EN 60335, 4 kVpp
    IP-protection class IP 20
    Cleaning, Filter change (Filter EN779) G4, Approx. every 300 hours
    Weight 11.0 kg
    Air Volume 80 / 140 / 270 m3/h (in 3 stages)
    Ionisation Power up to 250 m2 room size
    Stages 3-stages / manuel
    Board of Control CE-Suisse

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