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BPG 270

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The BPG 270 is an excellent light-weight Machine for concrete cleaning and grinding, quick and easy removal of coatings and adhesives. The ideal equipment to deliver the best possible Surface Preparation before the application of a new coating. The Machine is designed for contractors who need a light-weight machine for small and medium sized jobs.
    • Working width 270 mm with 4 diamond tools
    • For instant change of diamond tools on job site: “Easy-Click”
    • The Tool Holder is designed to fit with magnetic adapters 4 diamond tools
    • Removable side plate for edge cleaning work
    • The Axel height is easily adjusted for the operators ease of use
    • Steal body construction
    • Excellent dust control with the effective shroud with vacuum port will keep the working environment clean and away from abrasive dust particles
  • BPG270
    Motor 2.2 kW (Electric)
    Weight 52 kg
    Tool Plate Rotation 1500 rpm (constant Rotation) / 300 – 2000 rpm (Model SPC)
    Working Width 270 mm

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