Region: UAE

BPG 650

aus der Kategorie Floor grinders pro in UAE

Floor Grinding and Polishing machine with 3 counter rotating High-Precision Planetary Heads. Compact robust steel design. Ideal for medium to large Surfaces. With the 8-cornered Octavia-Form Dust Hood with side Opening for Edge Grinding along vertical surfaces and walls. Easy stand-up work avoids Backache.

    • Rotation Regulation for grinding and polishing
    • Easy adjustment of grinding pressure with shifting of weight plates
    • Flexible tool plate Holder
    • Height adjustable handle
    • Integrated water tank with control lever for wet and dry applications
    • Compact and robust steel Body design
    • Fast Tool Change on job site with “Easy-Click”
  • BPG 650
    Motor 11 kW (Electric)
    Voltage 400 V / 50 Hz, 32 A
    Tool Plate Rotation 100-700 rpm
    Working Width 650 mm

BPG 650


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