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BPFS 800 P

aus der Kategorie Floor Saws in UAE

Demands borne from experience in the field have been taken into account with the development of these agile power houses. Tried and tested by the professionals, the floor saws are impressive in their price/performance ratio, their robust mechanics and ease of operation.
    • Compact floor saw with scissor technology
    • Saw blade drive can be switched off mechanically – safe moving and set up of the machine
    • Drive via Hydrostat guarantees smooth and controlled operation of the machine
    • Optimum power transfer with high performance V-belts
    • Warp-resistant sheet frame construction
    • The compact design and balanced chassis permit easy manoeuvring around the construction site
    • The low centre of gravity ensures a precise saw cut
    • Very good straight cut thanks to the adjustable rear axle
    • Electro- hydraulic lowering and raising of the saw blade with a threaded spindle with cutting depth indicator prevents damage to the saw blade
    • Height adjustable handles allow for ergonomic operation
    • Saw hood front can be raised for intersections
    • Rapid changeover from left to right-hand cutting
    • Easy access for prevalent maintenances (air filter, battery, oil filter, fuel filter) due to the perfect drive unit position
    • Parking brake and neutral (free-wheeling) comes as a standard feature
  • BPFS 800 P
    cutting depth max. 320 mm
    cutting depth setting electrohydraulic with depth gauge
    saw blade Ø max. 800 mm
    saw blade holder 25,4 mm (6 x M8 - TK125)
    drive motor Briggs+Stratton petrol 2-cyl.
    output power max. 26,1 kW, 35 PS
    saw blade speed 1750 1/min
    dimensions (L/W/H) 1370/820/1120 mm
    weight 539 kg
    left/right cut yes

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